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When you've lived all of your life in a small, provincial town, 
it is nice to realize that there are people akin to you out there.
It is refreshing to find a person who is living a dream, and making it happen for

Recently, by recently I mean a week ago, I was extremely bored.
I know, I know. "We all get bored", you say. I completely agree. But, 
I promise that I am going somewhere with this. Just hang tight.
Anywho, I was bored. What does Rachel "TheGuilf"
do when she is bored? You present a good question. I google myself.
Now, I've done this in the past. However, I've never thought to google my nickname,
my 'stage name', my alias.

I came across a young lad, coincidentally across the Atlantic. 
He seems to think that he is the one and only.
I despise myspace and all that it represents to the young teeny boppers of
our generation. But, due to my extreme interest and profound curiosity, I sent him a message.

This youngster, and when I say youngster I mean a year or so older than me,
is living it. He wants to be a writer, like I do. However, instead of sitting on his patoot, 
he is traveling the globe, unlike I do.

I am a small town girl, raised by upper-middle class parents.
I have been privileged, but I haven't had the freedom
to go out and experience life for myself.

He is filing away information and experience so that he can write a series of short stories.
He has a passion for the same music as I do. We share the same last name.
I have to admit, our similarities are more than a bit uncanny.

But, what this all comes down to is inspiration.
Meeting him, and getting to know him, has reminded me that I can dream big.
I can accomplished the things that I yearn for, simply because I yearn for them.

I had become increasingly complacent in my current role in life. I was lacking the motivation 
to achieve the magnificent goals that I once held so dear.
No longer will I be contented to watch my life go by.

I had forgotten my potential to dream.
But it is there. I will dream big.
Thank You, "The Guilf II".
I owe you.

This Blog Was Brought To You By
The Current Reigning Guilf


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Jul. 11th, 2007 03:46 am (UTC)
you're silly
Jul. 14th, 2007 03:01 pm (UTC)
Hi there! I've sent you a small document to your email - just so you know! ;P Thanks!
Jan. 10th, 2008 01:50 pm (UTC)
where is the other guilf.???
Hello I was reading his blog quite often..as of late he has gone away ..........do you have a link?? by the way your blog is great ...

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