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Good day all!
This is my obligatory introduction post.
This journal will be primarily used for fandoms.
However, I'm sure it will often times be used for my rants and opinions.
I hope that everyone takes what I say with good humor,
as I mean no disrespect or harm with the things that I say.

I am a recent high school graduate and I find myself in need of a distraction 
from the many impending decisions that I will soon have to make.
I think that I am going to major in journalism.

I am highly opinionated and very sarcastic.
I love fan fiction and hopefully I will procure the courage to create some of my own.
I offer my services as a beta to anyone and everyone.
I was the Copy Editor and Managing Editor of my school's newspaper.
The fandoms I read are:
Pirates of the Caribbean
Harry Potter
Gilmore Girls
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Veronica Mars
Pride and Prejudice
Vampire Diaries

I have been a longtime lurker in the fandom world and I now find myself needing to be an active participant.
I tend to lean toward unconventional couples, as I am a bit unconventional myself.

I adore creative arts in all forms.
I love politics.
I am crazy about sci-fi.
I have a penchant for nerdiness.
I embrace all of my geek-like qualities.
I am obsessed with vampires. They're real, I swear!
I would lovelovelove to talk to people who share my obsessive fangirl interests.

The End


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Jul. 2nd, 2007 11:33 pm (UTC)
Hi! Can you please help me? I'm in need of a grammar-expert... ;)
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