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Wow, okay, so I totally forgot what that last post was about.
It must have not been important. Any who, I have much bigger things to inform y'all about.

On July 13, 2008 at approx 4:15am I careened my beautiful baby, aka:Adolf, aaka: my 2000 black 323i, into a concrete embankment at approximately 80 mph. Thank God, or whatever deity you believe in, there was a car behind me that called the paramedics.
The ambulance got there within 5 minutes and applied oxygen straight away. It took them 45 minutes to extricate me from the vehicle with the jaws of life. They immediately rushed me to the best trauma center in my region and after a thorough account of my injuries had been made, I was then rushed into emergency surgery.

My injuries consisted of the following: Ruptured spleen, severed Liver, crushed Left humerus, crushed  Left femur, crushed Right foot, sprained ligaments in my 3rd and 4th vertebra, and extensive damage to the axonal region in my frontal lobe.

So, in lay mans terms : Ruptured my Spleen, Split my Liver, Crushed my Upper Left Arm, Crushed my Upper Left Leg, Crushed my Right Foot, Sprained my Neck, and last but certainly not least, caused serious Brain Damage. I was in a coma for 19 days.

My doctors painted a very grim picture for my parents. Saying that IF I woke up, I'd probably be brain damaged and/or paralyzed. I am neither.
I stayed in the hospital from July 13, 2008 until August 28, 2008. That's basically a month and a half. I remember nothing from the accident, or the party I was coming home from. I don't remember much at all until the end of October, 2008. Every day I wake up I thank god for allowing me to live. I thank him for my complete restoration. I thank him for saving me, a non-believer at the time.

So, I ask everyone at this time, be you a parent or a child, make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them every chance you get. I know I look at life alot differently now.