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 So, I'm still wanting to major in English; however, I have some bad news. I wasn't aware that I could get special assistance from the office of disabilities at my school, because I have a brain injury. Because of that, I was trying to force myself to behave and take tests like a "normal" person would; all along I could have been taking my tests in a room by myself because everything distracts me, due to my brain injury. Well, on that note, I'm already not very good at science, and I made a D+ in my Earth Science class. That caused my GPA to drop .09 below the required minimum for my scholarship. I have now lost my scholarship for good, as you can only get it back once and I initially lost it when I was in my accident two years ago. I'm hoping that the scholarship board will take some pity on me, and look at my extenuating circumstances. Now not only will I only be able to take two classes per semester because of my injury, but two classes may be all I can afford. Ah, the injustice.