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These past two months or so have been very difficult. My supposed "guilt" has been greatly weighing on my mind; but what am I guilty of? Perhaps my guilt stems for my leaving without a word. Truly, whose fault is that? He didn't leave my key in the designated hiding spot. He answered many questions for me with that one simple action, or inaction as it were. Did he really love me or was it all just a well played game?

Staring into the pool of truth,
our true reflections did show.
Mine, the way it has always been,
but for the new truth in my eyes did glow.
Gleaming out on the open water,
beacon for love and hope.

Yours shown for you you truly are,
a deceitful scheming type of bloke.
The hurt and betrayal you've fought
so hard to portray and show,
in reality is nothing but a farce.

But I shall turn my away,
and begin again right from the start.
You think you've broken the root of me,
but you shan't ever break my heart.